Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Music for a Day...

My teaching partner (Sarah) and I got to co-teach music for a day!
We both have student teachers so we were able to leave them in
charge and come in and check on them throughout the day.
What is even more hilarious, is that neither one of us can
carry a tune and we are both really loud. Not a great combination
for music teachers!
The music teacher left amazing plans otherwise we would have
playing Name that Tune compliments of ITunes.
It started with the kinders. Three 25 minutes classes in a row, back to back,
no break, no bathroom, no coffee. Thank goodness there were 2 of us.
The music teacher provided a sing- a -long cd. I caught myself singing along
to some of my favorites!
I got to teach my first grade class which they thought was funny.
They had to play a musical memory game which I was quite
impressed how they knew about the woodwinds and brass instruments.

Since it is Friday, they play Freeze Dance Friday. Sarah and I wanted to join in the fun, so we had a first grader run the music and another one video us
dancing with the class. Well, when the music stopped, I could not
keep my balance, and I fell and obviously was out. The whole class
reminded me of that!

Then we ended the day with two 5th grade classes which were former
1st graders. They let us sing the kindergarten hello song to
them–and we still got it wrong. The 5th graders were good
sports and let us be silly
with them as most were our former students.
Our student teachers got valuable time in the classroom, even though
we were a door away, Sarah and I got to connect with former students
and hang out with each other and we gained a new respect
and are in awe of our wonderful music teacher!
I wonder where what our next assignment will be?

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