Friday, May 5, 2017

Yes! it's CLAYTIME.

C  L  A  Y  T  I  M  E !

First, third, and fifth graders recently wrapped up a 9-week period filled with ceramic activity. Students anxiously await their opportunity to work with clay each year and frequently ask the art teacher when the clay unit will begin.  Due to all the clay dust and odor from glaze ingredients, scheduling tends toward warmer weather so that the windows may be opened for ventilation. Our clay activities change yearly. Students learn to create using slab, coil, and pinch "handbuilt" construction.  They are introduced to the ingredients, mysteries and complexities of ceramic glazing and firing with the kiln.  Children imagine an entire year filled only with claymaking activities. Improved ventilation would be key, but there would be a constant student demand for this very unique, satisfying and popular artistic experience.  Perhaps after school....

This year activities for first grade included handbuilt pinchpot bowls and stamp imprinted slab texture plates.  Both projects were glazed by students who hand brushed each with ceramic glaze.   Third and fifth grade students created two "choice" projects each.  This is a favorite activity where students design and create whatever they choose.  In addition to their choice projects, third grade students built a creature sculpture, adding shapes and forms to their initial pinch pot form.  Projects were finished with tempera paints. Fifth graders learned to create a ceramic container with a lid that fits.  The lid surface depicts a "relief" face made by cutting out and attaching pieces of clay made from a slab.  These were finished with ceramic glazes.  Both fifth grade choice projects were finished with liquid tempera paint and sealed with a diluted glue product.

Projects are in the process of being assessed, briefly displayed and/or carefully wrapped and taken home, so parents and family should be sharing in the learning and accomplishments of our clay artistry very soon.

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