Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Compassionate giving from our fourth grade!

     Mission accomplished! It’s a beautiful thing when learning can encompass compassion. As part of our Compassion Project this spring, our students learned how to research a topic, considered options for raising money, and then  made and sold products to raise money.
     The students discussed issues they wished they could improve and were interested in helping children their own age. The class chose to help the Hesed House in Aurora. The Hesed House is a homeless shelter that houses over 50 children per night (along with their families.)
     One aspect of the fundraising that particularly appealed to the fourth grade was that we could raise money for a “home starter kit.” The students decided to raise money for this kit, which contains basic living necessities for a family when they are ready to move out to an apartment.
     In order to raise money, our kids held a “Make Sale” where they made items such as bracelets, key chains, book marks, and pet rocks to sell at school lunches. Our goal was $300, which was estimated to be the amount needed to purchase the items for one starter box.
     The fourth grade raised over $600, and we were able to purchase not one, BUT TWO starter kits! The teachers purchased the goods (helped by some generous fourth grade families that also donated items.)
     We packaged them up and delivered the starter kits today!  Everyone at the shelter was surprised and grateful for the hard work and thoughtfulness of our class.
     This was an amazing adventure. We researched, we learned about fundraising, and most of all, we practiced compassion. We have all been smiling ever since!

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