Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Power of Book Groups

The sixth graders are experiencing something a bit different this year. For the first time we have formed book groups that meet outside of our reading block and during lunch or lunch recess.

What is a book group?
            A book group is a group of people who are reading the same book and meet together to discuss what they have read.
The purpose of the book group for all of our sixth grade students is to read and discuss literature with peers under the guidance of an adult…and what an array of adults we have to guide our groups!! We were overwhelmed by the staff who wanted to help us out with this new adventure. A big thanks goes out to Mr. Schrom, Mrs. Gomez, Mrs. Counihan, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Wise, and Mrs. Sayre. Without their help we couldn’t have had the success we are having.
With the guidance of the teacher, students get to decide the books they are reading, decide the day and time they would like to meet, and decide how many chapters in their book that they will be reading for the next meeting.

There are many benefits to book groups.

Book Groups…
  •       give students an opportunity to use what they’ve learned in reading and apply it to their novel.
  •           make reading an interactive and social experience by responding to others in meaningful conversation.
  •          give students a sense of community as they participate in the group.
  •          help students move toward reading more difficult text.
  •          engage the reluctant reader.
  •          expose students to all kinds of literature.

Students learn many things during book groups.

  •          think about text in a variety of ways.
  •          discuss vocabulary.
  •          make predictions.
  •          ask questions.
  •          analyze literary elements, such as character, setting, and plot.
  •          have natural positive discussions.

To this point, students have been very positive about the experiences they are having in their book groups. Some of the comments we have heard from students include:

I feel happy around my book group. –Camilla

Our book group is so cool and we get to pick the chapters we want to read. –Collen

My book group is so cool!

The book is very interesting. I love how it is laid out. – Hana

Book group is very fun and it helps me remember the story better. –Talia

It’s awesome! –Juan

I am glad we have been able to offer book groups to our students. What our students and the teachers are getting out of this opportunity has been amazing!   


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