Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week!

I will read a book here or there, I will read books anywhere!

Everyone is familiar with the amazing stories by the great author, Dr. Seuss. This week we read a Scholastic News article about Dr. Seuss where we learned many facts about the animals he puts in his stories, how long it would take him to get a book just right, and we learned that his birthday is tomorrow, March 2nd!

We took the facts that we learned, since we are working on reading informational text, and wrote them on a red and white Dr. Seuss hat that we made. We did a Mix, Pair, Share to let everyone in the class hear the facts that we wrote down.
The next day, we talked about one Dr. Seuss book in particular, The Foot Book. We learned that this book is filled with opposites, which are also called antonyms. We then split up in two big groups, one group played the familiar card game, Uno. However, on each Uno card the student read a word and he or she had to come up with the antonym of the word.

The other group did a Read the Room to find words that began with the letters from The Cat in the Hat.  If they finished early, they were able to do an antonym and synonym sort on the back.

Next week we will be doing a breakout box with Mrs. Sayre. This will be Dr. Seuss themed as well! So many first grade students find their love for reading through the amazing text that Dr. Seuss has created for us. It was wonderful to spend this week honoring such an amazing author!

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