Monday, February 27, 2017

Children Taking Leadership Roles

This year I have been experimenting with children leading their groups.  The children have risen to the challenge and made great growth. Children being put into leadership roles helps build self-esteem.   This leadership role helps children in a variety of different ways.  I have seen students take a more active role in their learning.  Children come in each day asking what the lesson is and how they will be able to teach it to a fellow classmates.  Children have learned ways to teach each other in positive ways.  The children in class really enjoy taking turns being the leader of their given group for the day. This has really changed the teacher role in the classroom.  The teacher is more of a facilitator of the learning.  When I look at the data it shows that children are growing as learners but I have also seen growth in empathy with these students.  They really get to know each other and help motivate each other through their struggles.

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