Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rhyme Time

We started the new year with reading and writing poetry. We have experienced different structures of poetry such as: list, conversation, story, and mask poems, and also riddles. The different structures of poetry helped us see “through a poet’s eyes” to better understand the meaning of each poem. We noticed repetition of words, lines, and sounds, and line breaks to help us hear the music of poetry.  

During one activity the students worked in the LRC cooperatively in their teams to write an original poem using a set of rhyming words that they were given. They each wrote a line of their poem, but coached each other if someone got stuck. Mrs. Sayre was there to assist us. Their poems are below with each group presenting on the new little stage in the LRC, which they LOVED!

At the beach I found a spot.
I played in the sand with a pot.
I liked the sand but I swam a lot.
Because at the beach I got extra hot!

I sat on the mat.
The mat was flat.
Then the mat turned fat.
Because under it was a giant cat.

The bells ring and ding.
They cling and sing.
They bring the king,
His things with bling.

The squirrel lost her pen,
Her name was Jen.
Jen’s brother was Ben,
On the way to their den,
They saw ten hens.

One sunny day, I had fun in the sun.
I went to the ocean to take a run.
Then there was a race and I won!
But the prize was only a bun.

I put my hands on my hip,
Then I did a flip.
I landed on a clip,
And I got a fat lip.

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