Monday, January 30, 2017

Learning Isn’t Just for Kids!

I like to think that we are all life-long learners. Even as adults, we are learning new things everyday. And such learning is important for the evolution of our understanding of the world around us. Therefore, for this blog, I am going to highlight a recent learning opportunity for the parents and family members at Goodrich.  
For the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of co-hosting a 3 night book group discussion that was made up of myself, Dr. Scaletta and a small group of dedicated Goodrich parents and family members. Throughout these three weeks, everyone read a book called “From Disability to Possibility” by Dr. Patrick Schwarz. This book uses real life stories to shed light on the importance of inclusion for all students in the general education setting and how such inclusion can positively impact people with and without disabilities in schools and in our community.
During our three sessions, the group was able to openly discuss key concepts from the book and explore some interesting thought processes surrounding not just special education but education in general. I found it extremely interesting to hear everyone’s opinions, questions, thoughts and even concerns regarding all of the topics discussed. I have to say that I learned a tremendous amount simply through the conversations we had. I considered viewpoints that I had not realized before, and the conversations we had as a group opened my eyes to the perspective of families and parents.
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with this group of Goodrich parents and family members. Thanks to those that participated in the pursuit of life-long learning!

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