Thursday, September 29, 2016

Color Soaked

First days in the art room are filled with sharing and completing numerous details to make the whole year run smoothly for students and teacher. Our first "real art" activity this year had to be simple, quick, fun and "educational".  To build upon school spirit, the project engaged all grade levels,1st-6th, in a single no fail project that would ultimately be displayed as a whole school mural. 

Students individually created small multi-color radial designs made with oil pastels on a section of a folded long strip of paper.  The design began with a single color-filled circle, followed by radiating rings of color.  Thick layers of oil pastel were grabbed by an eraser point, pressed and slid from center to edge repeatedly, creating a starburst effect.The students learned to fold the paper in such a way to result in a box form that could be secured with glue, positioned on a backing cardboard and displayed as a relief wall of color.

Students discussed and considered several different display ideas before deciding upon the final result.  Younger students enjoyed the interactive nature of their "bouncy" boxes and reading the school name.  Older students and teachers are refreshed by their momentary interaction with a wall of color.


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