Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

Last Friday our sixth graders and kindergarten buddies spent the day at the Brookfield Zoo!

Throughout this year both grade levels partnered up once a week to participate in various activities. These activities included: reading together, practicing concepts, playing games, team building, progress testing, and researching. After a full year of relationship building, the sixth graders were eager to spend the day as a guide and leader with their kindergarten buddy at the zoo.

Leading up to the zoo, our Kinder buddies chose an animal to research and learn about before the field trip. The students read a variety of informational text about their animals' habitat, diet, appearance, and other interesting facts. 

When the big day arrived, our sixth graders boarded the bus with their kindergarten buddies for a day of learning and exploration! Their primary mission was to visit their animal that they researched to observe it in action. After completing this task, students explored the other zoo animals to gain a better understanding of their habits and appearances. 

By giving the sixth graders the opportunity to be a leader for the day with their buddy it gave them a great deal of confidence! The sixth graders were in charge of supervising their kindergarten buddy, reading various information about the animals, following maps, and answering questions. With the large amount of responsibility on the sixth graders, the parent chaperones were able to just enjoy the day at the zoo with their child. 

As our sixth graders head off to Junior High, this field trip is one they will remember for life! The relationships they built with their kindergarten buddies throughout the year created a strong sense of community within our school. 

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