Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earth Day is Every Day!

Earth Day

Earth Day should be everyday!  At least that is what the first graders in our class think! Having a day on the calendar is a good reminder for us to not be so wasteful with the things in our daily life. On Monday, we wore  gloves and carried old plastic bags to clean up our playground.  We were happy to discover that there wasn’t a whole lot of garbage outside.  We have very responsible children that use the garbage cans outside at our school.

We also read The Earth Book, by Todd Parr.  This book gave us some  ideas on how we can take care of Earth.

We used the Jot Thought structure to record ways that a first grader could be a good citizen and help the earth.  The children came up with using both sides of a piece of paper, turn off the lights when we leave the classroom and make sure we sort the garbage from the recycle when we want to get rid of something.

Then we made the earth using coffee filters, green and blue markers and a spray bottle.  While the earth was drying, we wrote about what exactly we will do to help keep the earth beautiful!

Earth Day Every Day—not just April 22!

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