Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Drop and Give Me 20!

Exercise is difficult for some and much easier for others.  Easier for those that work out every day feeling the rewards that the work out brings.   Reading could be compared in some ways to working out.  When you first begin to work out, you start off slowly taking your time so there is no injury.  When starting to read it is quite similar working on the skills of phonemic awareness.  When beginning to exercise you wouldn’t expect to lift 250 pounds automatically.  You would take time and practice lifting lighter weights.  Just like a beginning reader we take time and practice the skills necessary to succeed at reading.  Practicing rhyming, working on word wall words, reading books at an appropriate level, practicing comprehension of what was read is all the start of becoming a good reader.  This is just like becoming a successful athlete.  Practicing different exercises until we become strong is definitely important to your body just like practicing reading is important to your mind.  As you become a stronger reader, your practice includes work on vocabulary, book groups, and comprehension skills.   Skipping exercise can be easy.  The repercussions it has on your body can last a lifetime.  Just like skipping your workout, skipping 20 minutes of reading time can affect your brain.  So make sure you give that work out time to your body and that reading time to your brain!

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