Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Applying Our Knowledge of Geometry Terms using Technology

At the beginning of the school year my students took a learning style inventory. From the survey I found that the majority of my students are self-expressive learners, who learn from creating, imagining, and interpreting. Teaching math can sometimes be difficult to make creative or imaginative, but I try my best to find ways to make it interesting!

My 6th grade advanced math class recently began their geometry unit. It has been awhile since the students were exposed to geometry, so I wanted to gain an understanding of what they already knew by having them explore geometry terms on their own. My goal was to incorporate a fun activity to begin the unit, rather than me directing a whole class lesson.

I started the lesson by giving the students three charts of geometry terms to paste in their notebook. The students were paired together to find real world examples of the geometry terms in the classroom, hallway, and/or the internet. They created an iMovie or ChatterPix using the pictures they took. In their videos they were responsible for defending and supporting the pictures they used with accurate geometry definitions.

The activity turned out to be a success! Here are some thoughts from the students!

Student one: "It was a good deviation from the normal math lessons. I found it interesting that we weren't just learning about the terms and studying them. We got to work and explore the terms on our own. I liked how we got to create something to show what we learned."

Student two: "It was different form a normal math lesson. We got to find geometry terms from the real world, and it was challenging to find so many different terms!"

Student three: "The activity gave me a head start on geometry terms, and I got to learn so many things I never knew before. It has inspired me to learn more about geometry!"

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