Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Fever

spring fever
(spring fēvər)

With Spring Break fast approaching, we have been hit with the symptoms of Spring Fever.  In order to help remedy some of these restless and excited feelings we have been incorporating movement and dance!  Not only has research shown that “Exercise boosts cognitive development and academic achievement” Spencer Kagan, Brain-Friendly Teaching… more importantly, it is fun! 
All year we have been using a fantastic online resource called GoNoodle.  Based on the energy and engagement of the class, we use these as frequently or infrequently as needed.  Typically, I like to incorporate one dance or relaxation activity as a transition between each subject or academic activity.  However, there have been times where the class needed the movement break in the middle of a lesson.  These quick videos are a great way to quickly get up and move in order to reenergize or refocus our attention on the task at hand. 
GoNoodle is a free resource that allows you to set up a class and pick a “Champ” to represent your class. There are 18 different Champs to choose from.  One of our favorites is Flo Yo!  This Champ tracks your minutes and activities and grows/changes when you complete 10 activities. In kindergarten, we use the Kidz Bop, Zumba Kids, Maximo, and Moose Tube activities the most because they are guided dances and yoga and we can easily follow along!  After your Champ transforms a few times you get to pick a new Champ.  The students love to watch their Champ transform and love the yoga and guided dances even more! 
Over Spring Break if you are still experiencing some Spring Fever symptoms either go outside or check out to get moving!

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