Thursday, March 10, 2016

Growth Mindset

Many people in the world today say they are bad at math that is why they do not do well in that subject.  This belief that we are born good at certain things and bad at other is an example of fixed mindset.  This is a belief that we as teachers need to help students stop saying.  We need to help students change their mindset to a growth mindset.

Growth mindset is a popular notion in the field of education right now, but it’s commonly misunderstood.  People might assume growth mindset means everyone has the same potential in every subject but that is not the case.  Growth mindset means that students of all abilities can continue to grow through hard work and struggle.  Another benefit outside of school is that growth mindset teaches students to stick with something when things get difficult.  To often in school and society we children quit when things get hard. Below is a diagram on of fixed and growth mindset from Carol Dweck's research.  
Without the help of adults students will not be able to achieve a true growth mindset.  Teachers and parents need to guide students to become independent growth mindset learners.

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