Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One-Point Perspective....

It's All How You Look At It

Around 1413 AD, an Italian Renaissance artist, named Filippo Brunelleschi, discovered perspective, the art and science of capturing the proportions of how things actually look, and applying that knowledge to a drawing.

Perspective introduced a new kind of geometry, called projective geometry into mathematics.  Contemporary mathematics and computer graphics are filled with concepts from projective geometry.  Artistic development from the past influences modern times.

5th and 6th grade students at our school have given one-point perspective a try and the results are pleasing.  Drawings are shaded from dark to light with colored pencil further adding to the 3D effect.

Rylee and Gabriella , from Mrs. Brennan's fifth grade class, were so inspired that they chose to make additional artworks at home for family members and a big beautiful example on display in the art room for the art teacher. They liked the  3D effect and so did the recipients of their artwork. Both girls found the drawings fun to make and COOL to view!

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