Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just Sticky-Note It!

Fourth graders are trying something new in reading this quarter. We are working on being reading detectives. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of what we are reading. Every day after our reading lesson, the students apply what they have learned to their independent reading. Because we are learning about fiction, the students have all selected a fiction chapter book of interest to them to read. As they read, they decide what skill to work on for the day. They can choose from a variety of skills like identifying characters, setting, plot, resolution, theme, etc. They find their name on the SMARTBoard and move it to the section they would like to work on.

Then, they find the sticky-note color that matches their selected choice to work on. They take one and bring it to their seat.

As they are reading, they should look to answer the questions that go along with their selected choice. For example, if the student chose to work on characters, then they would try to answer the questions: Who are they? What traits do they have? How are they changing throughout the story? As they find answers to these questions, they just sticky-note it!


Once they have placed their sticky note in their book, they spend time writing a journal entry. They write information about the book, and then answer the questions. Many students enjoy writing direct quotes from the story as evidence, and then providing an explanation. They are then able to display their deeper understanding of the story!

As they read their books, they fill their book with great ideas and connections. Once they have finished reading, they can look back at what they have learned and noted. They can remind themselves of important ideas and thoughts they had as they were reading, and notice how their thinking and reading skills have improved!

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