Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Globe Stories

These past two weeks, our first graders have been working hard on their Snow Globe writing! They started their snow globe journey off in the library where they were read The Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor. After they read this, your first graders talked about setting and how it is important to have a setting when writing stories. They got some time to think about different settings that they might want to create in their very own snow globes!

After they did some brainstorming, they all got to create snow globes that looked like this! To make the snow globes come to life, we even added some snow.
When they were creating their setting, they had to keep in mind that they wanted to add enough details in the picture so they could create and write a thorough story about their setting they created.

After a couple days of writing a rough draft of their snow globe stories, your first graders got to use the Chromebooks to type them! That's right, they typed their very own stories! Your first graders have been working very hard about practicing their typing skills, and they finally got to use their typing expertise. Your first grader is finishing up typing these wonderful stories, and is so excited to share the creative settings they created!  

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