Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How do you battle a book?

Recently, students in grades three through six were invited to join Battle of the Books. While the older grades have had the opportunity to participate in this reading program over the past few years it is the first opportunity for the third grade students to join in the fun.


Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading competition that allows students to read and be on a team that reads and then meets to answer comprehension questions about the book. The teams of up to eight are formed based on book interest in each of the grade levels. Once students have turned in a permission form the teams are created and the students get to work reading from a select list of books.  (This Link to Goodrich LRC houses the lists for those grade levels. Third grade has one list of twelve books and fourth-sixth has thirty books on their list.) Interest is strong in this competition and we have over half of the students in some of the grades participating!

A few of the very excited third grade students who have signed up to be part of Battle of the Books.

A 'battle" is held in February to determine a grade level winner for each grade. Once the grade level winner is chosen a school battle is held in early March to determine the school level winner for both third grade and one from grades four through six.Those teams are then invited to a district level battle to test their skills against teams from the elementary schools in the district where they can win bragging rights for a job well done! Get ready to battle!

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