Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chain of Friendship

If you walk into Goodrich School you may see a paper chain hanging up.  This is not just a fun decoration, but it is our Chain of Friendship.  Students and teachers write green strips to anyone who they saw following the school rules (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible).  After they are written, they are given to their classroom teacher.  Once a week, teachers have their students read the green strips out loud to the class so everyone can hear the great things that their classmates are doing.  The goal is to make it so the chain goes around the entire school (which we did the past 2 years!).

The Chain of Friendship has started to make its way around the school this year!

What I find most interesting about the Chain of Friendship is what students write on them.  All of the green strips are given to me so I can staple them into a chain.  It is a good reminder that even the simplest favor can be acknowledged.  As adults, we are always looking for someone to do something BIG to give them acknowledgement and we sometimes forget about the little things.  Simple things such as “she held the door for me” or “He picked up my pencil when I dropped it,” have been written on green strips.  Reading through the green strips helps reminds me that sometimes it is the little things that matter the most to someone and that no favor is too small to acknowledge.

Where students and staff drop their green strips off and pick up new ones.

So next time you are at Goodrich make sure to look up and look for the Chain of Friendship!

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