Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Oh My! No... Legos, Simple Machines, and LRC - Oh Fun!

Second graders had the opportunity to build several structures with Legos that the LRC acquired from Lego Education. We all had fun building catapults, a type of lever used to move things. We launched rubber rings (and some of us launched Lego people-OOPS!) from two or three different types of catapults and discovered which type launched the furthest.

The students had an exciting time experimenting with their structures.

Araz commented, “It was fun because we got to launch and build with our friends.”

“Building Legos can be fun at school!” said Isabel.

“Legos are fun and school is too, but when you combine them it is much more fun!” expressed Ella.

Gia said, “Even if you didn’t finish, we all worked together as a TEAM!”

“Different catapults have different ranges.” explained Michal.

“When you put heads together, you can make something amazing with Legos!” Taylor commented.

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