Tuesday, April 7, 2015

District #68 Twitter Read Aloud

Second graders at Goodrich proudly took part in the first district Twitter Chat. We first read Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio. This was about a puppy who was switched at birth. Gaston is a bulldog living in a family of poodles. He works the hardest at his lessons on how to be a proper pooch. He sips - never slobbers! He yips - never yaps! And he walks with grace - never races! Gaston fits right in with his poodle sisters. But when he meets up with a bulldog family in the park, Gaston doesn't know where he fits in. Should he follow his nose or his heart - to find where he belongs?

The students realized that love of family is what is important - not whether you look and act the same. We also learned that it's important to accept others just the way they are!

During the Twitter Chat, we enjoyed tweeting and reading tweets from other classrooms throughout the district. We chatted with kindergarten through six grade and got different opinions about the book. Below is a picture of Goodrich second graders that we posted on #d68reads to introduce ourselves to the other tweeters.

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