Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Evil Master Count Strikes Again!

Part of the month of January is usually spent helping students re-adjust to school routines and content. Teachers spend a lot of time trying to make up for those precious few weeks over holiday break that we miss with our students. And part of this catch up is usually spent re-learning or reviewing behavior expectations and strengthening relationships between each other as well as with staff.

The Evil Master Count is a sneaky character that comes in the middle of the night from time to time and usually causes some sort of mess or chaos for which my students must help me get back in order. Recently, he decided to show up and cut up our 2nd grade DEB group classroom expectations poster and sneakily hide all the pieces around the room. Upon discovering that pieces of the poster were missing, students were eager to work together as a team to find them and restore the poster back to normal again. We had a lot of fun helping each other find the pieces that were very well hidden, and we also had the opportunity to re-read and review the expectations that we had created for ourselves at the beginning of the year. 
We made sure to hang the poster in a better spot that would be too high for Mr. Count to reach and so that we could also keep a close eye on it over the next few weeks for any more damage. In the end, our team successfully put the poster back together and discovered that we are a great team. We are totally ready if Mr. Count decides to strike again! - Morgan Liford

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