Friday, January 9, 2015

Teamwork Continues in Second Grade

After a long winter break, it’s time to get back to school and get back to cooperative learning. One “Significant 72” activity that we had fun doing this week to help students reconnect with their teachers and peers was naming our “teams”. Our new SuperKids reading program is an excellent source for informational text. Our SUPER magazine provides non-fiction articles each month for students to explore and enjoy. This week we learned about a science club in England where the students sent four fuzzy teddy bears into space to find out what kind of space suit would protect the bears from the cold. We learned that space reaches sixty-four degrees below zero. And we thought it was cold HERE this week! 

We outfitted some paper bears to hang above our table groups. This was a team building activity to name our teams and rekindle team cooperation in our room. Team building leads to a supportive environment for optimal learning.” When students have the desire and ability to work together as a team, something magical happens—Together Everyone Achieves More!” (Dr. Spencer Kagan)  We used aluminum foil, plastic wrap, tape, and stickers. We brainstormed names for our groups and voted on a final choice. There was a give and take of ideas and students had to compromise.

When I reflect on this activity, I see and hear the value of team building. The students were very supportive of each other, politely questioned each other in picking team names, and used positive gambits when completing their activity. Activities such as this one really build a spirit of cooperation in our classrooms.

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