Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What kind of learner are you?

Teachers participate in a book club every other Friday.  We are currently reading Multiple Intelligences by Spencer Kagan.  The book is quite interesting and has reminded me of how every person learns in different ways. My dad for example always needs to read the directions when going to a new place remembering the numbers on the buildings and street names which makes him more of a visual learner.  I need to hear the directions given to me by the GPS.  This would make me more of an auditory learner.  While these are simple examples, each of us can probably figure out how best we learn different topics.  One of the boys I see during the day sings almost everything.  I started calling him Opera man!  I thought it might be interesting to see if he would remember more of the facts of a non-fiction story called Baby Whales Drink Milk if he could put it to music.  He worked for about a week composing his song about whales.   After performing for Mr. Scaletta (principal)  he had a huge smile on his face and told me he would always remember that story and could tell anyone anything they wanted to know about whales.  Success!  If you have ever seen Schoolhouse Rocks videos the power of learning through music is easy to see.  So whether it’s listening, writing, reading  or singing each child excels and learns things in many different ways. 


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