Friday, October 24, 2014

Facing Our Fears

“I think we went here so that we could face our fears.”  This is what one student said to me at Covenant Harbor.  Our experience at outdoor ed will always be unforgettable for our fifth graders. 

Our students were asked to extend themselves in ways that they may have never been exposed to before.  The activities that we participated in required courage, teamwork, and trust.  The staff at Covenant Harbor is amazing at encouraging the children to participate in all activities.  They are able to build a rapport with them immediately.
The high-ropes course was by far most students’ favorite activity.  In this course, the students have different obstacles they need to complete to get to the end, a zip line!  All of these obstacles are about 20 feet high!

 After finishing this course, we came back to school to do some reflecting.  Here is what some of the fifth graders had to say about our experience.

            “We went to Covenant Harbor to learn to have more courage.” –Tiffany

“At Covenant Harbor, we had to count on each other during the activities.  We had to work as a team.” –Georgia

“I think we went to Covenant Harbor because we are trying to build our confidence to do amazing things.” –Jonathan

“We went to Covenant Harbor to test our limits and to reach further past those limits.” –Kashmala

“I think we went to learn about others.” –Teresa

“At Covenant Harbor we learned to be better at teamwork.” –Rylee

“We went there for two reasons, one to try things we have never tried before, and two to have fun!” -Chase

Without a doubt, our students had an extremely powerful experience!  We are so glad that we got to be by their side to watch them accomplish these great things!  

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  1. Even with the rain, camp was AWESOME! I saw students accomplish things they didn't even know were possible! It truly is an amazing trip and will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.