Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miss Warner - Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergartners are starting on the “write” foot by learning the importance of writing. Writing in kindergarten can seem overwhelming. I want students to love writing! One way to develop a passion for writing is by giving students’ choice and allowing them to be creative.  It is important for students to understand they write for different purposes and audiences.  Today, we began the exploration of the writing process.

As I first passed out the paper and pencil to my students, I gave them a general prompt which asked them to write something they are passionate about.  Many students looked at me with wide eyes and asked questions such as:

“What do you want me to write?”

“Can I draw something here?”

“Is it okay if I…” 

My response was always, “It is up to you!”  Of course, we will spend time developing our writing skills, but I wanted the original experience to be completely free of requirements.  Writing should be fun! I’m looking forward to developing the passion for writing in these future authors.

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