Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome To The Goodrich Way!

This school year, staff and students at Goodrich School will be beginning a daily blog, The Goodrich Way, which we hope will provide a unique window into the learning processes inside our school and classroom.  Our goal is to have new content uploaded each day of student attendance. 

This is NOT being created to communicate important dates, events, or assignments.  Nor is this site intended to be glorified photo album of students working on assignments.  Rather, we are aiming to share more specifically the learning that is occurring at all grade levels.  Initially, the blog will be written by Goodrich faculty, but ultimately, out students will take over authoring the blog posts and creating content for the site (student last names will not be used).  Additionally, we hope this blog ultimately provides an authentic audience for our students writing.  The blog is open to the public and we encourage parents to comment and interact with our blog. 

This endeavor will be new for all of us, and none of us are quite sure how it will work out.  No doubt, some days will be better than others.  Many staff will be writing their first ever blog posts this month (how awesome!).  I hope those who choose to read our efforts will have a little patience as we learn on a very public stage.  For now, let me be the first to welcome you to The Goodrich Way. 


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  1. Great idea Mr. Scaletta! I look forward to reading about the learning events and reflections of learning throughout the year!