Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Sincere Gratitute...

   On March 15th, Goodrich school had a chance to celebrate the unsung heroes of District 68.  Each year we gather at Goodrich to show our appreciation for our maintenance staff.  These men and women work tirelessly to keep our schools clean and safe.   That is not an easy task.  Ask any parent with young children; now imagine cleaning up after 300 children.  Yet that is just a small part of what they do for us.

     These unsung heroes plow parking lots, keep sidewalks and paths clear of ice, plant and maintain garden beds in the fall, spring and summer, and ensure floors are dry after wet boots have left their trail through the halls several times each day.  They prepare our “cafegymatoriums” for both breakfast and lunch services and make sure it is ready for PE classes or an assembly immediately following. 

    Several schools in Woodridge share their land with numerous members of Mother Goose’s extended family.  This often becomes problematic for recess and outside PE classes as the geese are not well trained.  Yet, paths are cleared before classes take the fields. If those pesky geese could just be potty trained!   On a related note, it is amazing what young children can flush.   Sadly, adults have flushed key cards and earrings that have been fished out of the strangest places.  Our maintenance staff is indeed creative.
     They are called upon to assemble, construct, disassemble, repair and design ideal learning environments for all stakeholders.    The last few years showed dramatic changes in the area of technology. Our crews met the challenge and rewired classrooms and offices, mounted ceiling cameras, hung SmartBoards, etc. in addition to their everyday duties.  They continue to amaze us with their talents, ingenuity and work ethic.

     When they think their long work day might be completed; they may be called upon to change a flat tire in freezing temperatures or jump start a car with a dead battery.  They do so without reservation.  They are truly our heroes. We would be lost without our maintenance crew.

     John Erickson, the Director of Building and Grounds for District 68 will be retiring this spring. It was under his direction that this department ran seamlessly through the years. His talent and gentle leadership will be missed.  We offer him our sincere appreciation and wish him a “Good-Rich” retirement.   

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