Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Warm Winter Welcome!

As the kids came in this morning, the hallways filled with smiles and laughter. Everybody seemed excited to be back! As teachers, we have a passion to bring that excitement into the classroom and get our classroom atmosphere back right away! We started out the day with an engaging and unique class building activity.

We welcomed each other back to school with a super fun snowball fight! Half of the class was given green paper and the other half was given blue paper. They wrote their name on their paper, crumpled it up, and got ready for the snowball fight. The goal of the snowball fight was to keep as many snowballs off of their side as possible. The kids loved it, but there was more to it than just the snowball fun.

When the teacher called time, the students had to find a snowball of the opposite color and take it back to their seats. They opened their snowball to see who's name was on the paper. The name on their paper determined who their partner was for the activity. With this partner they interviewed each other about their winter break. Here are some pictures of the kids interviewing each other.

It was amazing to see them jump right back into the relationships that have been built up over several months, and still be able to learn something new about their classmates.

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