Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boo times two – let’s do some Halloween math!

I have wonderful memories of Halloween as a kid – most revolve around the candy, of course. I can remember plotting with my sisters how to cover the most territory in the least amount of time.  I recall sitting with them and pouring out what seemed like an endless amount of candy – let the swapping begin! And I remember puzzling over why anyone would think it was a good idea to give me a box of raisins or an apple (the apples only weighed you down!)

Halloween is one of those natural math opportunities. Parents can orchestrate all kinds of easy and fun activities using your child’s Halloween haul. Here are a few great ideas for using math with Halloween candy that I found at:

1.       Weigh your bucket of candy!
2.       Count candy pieces!
3.       Compare the weight of an apple {or other healthy food item} to your candy pile!
4.       Sort candy by type.
5.       Graph candy by type.
6.       Make a candy math grid game for counting to 20.

This site also has STEM activities involving peeps and candy corn.

It is important for children, as math learners, to develop positive attitudes towards learning math. What a great opportunity to practice counting, sorting, and graphing using candy!

P.S. I really like caramel and Heath bars (in case you need to save your child from all that sugar!)

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