Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Teambuilding Throughout the Year

                Many people might believe that team-building is something that needs to be done at the beginning of the year, or perhaps after returning from an extended break. At Goodrich School, we find teambuilding and class building activities imperative throughout the year, the semester, the week, and even throughout the school day. While it is most important that we become acquainted with our classmates at the beginning of the year, knowing and trusting our peers on a regular basis provides for a more comfortable, safe classroom.

Dancing to a GoNoodle video with classmates

          Students in third grade spend each Monday participating in a variety of class building activities to begin our week. We might watch a “GoNoodle” video to exercise with a partner or participate in a “Quiz-Quiz-Trade” sharing experience to share some exciting events from our weekend. This helps students get back into “school-mode” after being home for the weekend. 

Stretching and getting ready for more learning with a partner.

Class building activity 

          Throughout the week, students participate in group activities with their “team”, or table mates, to complete both academic and non-academic assignments. This is an excellent way to build and maintain trust with those with which we spend such a large portion of our day. When we feel safe with our peers, we are much more likely to share personal and academic information. 

Working as a team to solve a problem

Working with a partner to complete a math activity

Working as a team to solve a problem

          This week, students worked as a team to create their last team poster. Every six weeks, the students have new teams and get to know each other by finding out things they have in common. Today, students worked together to create names for their teams and to complete their posters. It was exciting to see students working so well together to complete this task. Even students that thought they didn’t have anything in common were able to find out things about each other.

Students working together to complete their team poster.

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