Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make Your Learning Visual

After a Scholastic News article about habitats, the first grade team decided to have the students delve deeper and research more about habitats.

Six different habitats were selected the first grade team for students to research: desert, forest, prairie, mountains, wetlands, and tundra.

To launch the project, students first received the opportunity to explore all 6 habitat options. After reviewing various books on these topics, they chose 3 habitats that interested them the most.  From their list of 3, we (1st grade teachers) assigned each student a habitat.

Once a habitat was assigned, research packets were passed out and explained. Then students dove back into the books from earlier to begin their research.

Later in the week, the first graders traveled down to the LRC to utilize the ipads. With the help of Mrs. Sayre, students continued to research their habitats using .

With research packets complete, students then took their learning to a visual level.... DIORAMAS!

 Parents were notified and encouraged to bring in small objects that would exist in their child's habitat: moss, miniature animals, rock... etc. Check out some of the students' finished work!

After completing the diorama, each student also wrote a summary of their findings.

In what ways have you asked your students to express there learning in a visual way?

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