Friday, April 15, 2016

"Holy Cow"...It's the End of the Third Quarter!

While we have baseball season just beginning in the city of Chicago, our sixth graders are looking at the end of our 3rd quarter baseball season.

In sixth grade, we build our curriculum and discipline around the game of baseball.

Ø  9 weeks = 9 innings
Ø  Students earn bases and runs.
Ø  Consequences are strikes and outs.
Ø  An All-Star Break is given weekly for students with no missing work and outs.
Ø  There are quarterly Team Captains that keep track of the score cards.
Ø  Pennants are made by the teams.
Ø  Team cheers are created.
Ø  Team photos are taken.
Ø  Students are paid for runs with “Baseball Bucks” at the end of each quarter for our quarter reward…a baseball movie with many extras.
Ø  The World Series

At the end of each quarter (game) we celebrate our two top teams from each classroom. Each of these teams earned the most runs during the quarter. The teams face off against each other in a fierce battle of Jeopardy! The Jeopardy game consists of questions from subjects they have studied during that quarter. The crowd (all other 6th graders) also gets to participate when neither team can figure out an answer. In the end, all of our students are winners because we have such a comprehensive review of our past quarter subject matter.  All students are listening or participating. There is always 100% engagement as the game is played.

Excitement built today as Team Trabilsy and Team Watz prepared for the game. Tables were moved, spectator chairs were set up, and our teams mentally prepared for the challenges ahead of them. Throughout the whole game, the score was almost even between both teams. One team would pull ahead with a winning $400 question until the other team would counter it with a winning $500 question, and on we went until in the end Team Watz pulled ahead in Final Jeopardy! 

Congratulations to both are all winners!!

Top Teams from Quarter 3

Teams battling during an intense game!

Audience Participation

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