Wednesday, January 20, 2016


     Yes, Kagan structures can be found everywhere at Goodrich School and the speech room is no exception.   Sorry, Dr. Kagan but speech and language pathologists have been using your structures for years.  Structures were designed and implemented to build relationships between students while facilitating good speech and language skills.  We need to be good listeners (‘receivers’) as well as effective speakers (‘senders’) in order to be successful communicators in both social and academic settings. 


     One of our favorite structures is ‘Match Mine’.   Here children sit facing each other with a barrier between them.  The speaker has one card while the receiver is given a group of cards.  The ‘sender’ describes their picture with enough information (e.g.: function, size, color, texture, etc) so the ‘receiver’ can match the item that was described.  I love watching their faces when they pick the right item.  They are amazed or as Gabriel will say, “WOW!  I am a great receiver!” 

     Soon we will be able to complete the task without the pictures using just our awesome listening skills!  

Linda Costigan
Speech/Language Pathologist

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