Thursday, December 17, 2015

'Twas the Day Before . . .

‘Twas the day before winter break
When all through the halls,
All the students were restless
With excited merry calls.

The presents were wrapped
For our adopted family to share,
In hopes that the holidays
Soon would be there.

The Giving Tree was decked
With hats, mittens, and gloves,
We’ll pass them along
With your gracious love.

And Mrs. Schulte in her winter gear,
Mrs. Kraabel was there too.
Waiting not for a holiday
But a baby come due.

And not far behind them
Mrs. Weber was near,
Mrs. Brennan close at hand
More babies - we cheer!

Miss Kraft just got engaged
A happy future’s ahead.
We all feel so fortunate,
There’s nothing to dread.

So many blessings among us,
Glad tidings we send,
The year’s almost over,
But the school year won’t end.

Come January, come February,
Come March, April, and May,
There’s plenty of time left
To learn and to play.

There’s math facts, there’s writing,
There’s reading, it’s true,
Don’t forget about technology
And genius hour too!

The staff will be rested,
The students ready to go,
We’re almost half-way through
And in learning we flow.   

Dr. Scaletta was smiling
More Kagan, more glee!
Happy Holidays to all!
In 2016 we will see.

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