Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful for Life's Little Moments

      The horrific events of this past week are a painful reminder that our lives can change in an instant.  We must always be mindful of those moments in life that bring happiness amidst all the chaos; for so much is out of our control.  

     Being able to appreciate the little things in life is a gift.  Children have a way of living in the moment. Working with my students each day, I am constantly reminded of this.  They know how to find the good in every situation.  We can learn so much from their innocent words.  They give us hope for the future.

Wesley:  “I am happy playing with trucks when Campbell is asleep.”

Hudson: "I am happy  to play cars with Brock." 

Gabriela:   "I am happy for turkey.  It tastes good."

Gabriel: “I am thankful for videos because I like to play them in the morning.”

Emmett:  “I am thankful for popcorn.” 

Kaleb:  “I am thankful that mom gave me a coloring book.”

Julia:  “I am thankful for my mom because she reads me stories.”

Jaxin: “I am thankful that I am five now but I am still scared to sit on my new bike.”

Ronnie: “I am thankful when I get to go to the park and make new friends.”

Hridhay: “I am thankful when my mom is proud of me. That makes me happy and it feels great!”

Heriberto: “I am thankful when I go to my cousin’s house ‘cause they have a slide in their pool.”

Nathan: “I am thankful for chocolate robots and playing Ninja Turtles.”

Angel: “I am thankful for ice cream.”

Marcus: “I am thankful to see my family all day long and eat a big turkey.”

Asina: “I am thankful ‘cause grandma can make stuffing for me and chicken with no skin.  It is even better than Boston Market!”

Ethan: “I am thankful for my family because they care for me and I care for them.”

Dylan:  “I am thankful for all the good things in life.”

Scott: “I am thankful for a big yard and a dog named Guinness.”

Desean: “I am thankful that people come to our house.  They pray, sit and eat.”

Allison: “I am thankful for the people who give us food to eat.”

Matthew: “I am thankful for family.  People need something to love. I am thankful ‘cause I have people to love.”

Dazlyn: “I am thankful for my life, food we eat and nature.”

Juan: “I am thankful for clothing and clean water to drink.”

Keith: “I am very thankful for the Veterans who fought for us and helped us to be free.”

Hana: “I am thankful that my body parts work and that I have a loving family.”

Miss Costigan:  I am thankful for our Goodrich families who share their children with us each day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful families!

Enjoy the little moments that bring you peace and happiness.

Linda Costigan
Speech/Language Pathologist

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