Thursday, October 15, 2015

“Kids say the Darndest things!”

      Speech/Language pathologists have the best job in the world.   We work with students individually and in small groups and encourage them to speak on a variety of topics. While engaged in their lessons they speak their minds and tell us exactly what they are thinking.  Seeing the world through the eyes of children is definitely the best part of my day.

     Here are some quotes that were taken from my students on a single morning at Goodrich School:

Preschool: “I can get hurt.  It’s okay.  We have lots of Band-Aids in my home so don’t worry about me.”

4th grade: “You remember Mr. Magoo?  You can’t be as old as my Nana, can you?”

2nd grade: “I don’t like Daddy to read to me because (using a slow, monotone voice)‘Dads-talk-like-this’.    I think they sound like that cause they are bald.”

Kindergarten: “You better teach me quick ‘cause my stomach is growling.”

Kindergarten:  “Those kids are in fifth grade?  Wow! That’s as old as grandma and papa and that is pretty old!”

Fourth Grade:  “Mom said, if we work hard we will get a baby sister, but only if we do our best; so please don't make this too hard.”

Kindergarten: “I do not like to run around.  I am saving my energy just in case we ever go camping.”

Preschool:  “I tried my best not to get scared at the haunted barn but it didn’t happen that way.  They  had fake monsters but I got scared.”

Second Grade: “Marcus said that you can get bacon from a pig.  I know that is not true.  I went to a farm once and I saw a farm lady milk a cow but I never saw anybody bacon a pig.”

Fifth Grade:  “Riding a bike was always hard for me to do. I finally learned how to ride my bike this weekend.  I am so glad.  That is one thing off my bucket list!”

     How could anyone do this all day long and not go home smiling?! 

Linda Costigan

Speech/Language Pathologist