Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reading is “EPIC”

After reading Ms. Pelc’s blog last week called "How to Raise a Good Reader at Home," I am so excited to share another resource that parents and teachers alike can use to do just that. As I browsed through the app store this weekend on my phone, I came across an amazing reading app that allows kids the opportunity to read books on a phone, IPAD, computer, etc.  Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound any different from many other reading apps…but it is! It is called EPIC reader, and my students are so excited to be using it.

First of all, as an educator, it is completely FREE! I can create student profiles that my students can access via most devices. After entering into their profile, students can customize their library based on their interests, hobbies and age/reading level. Many of the books give the student the option to have it read to them. Some of the books are accelerated readers, allowing kiddos to take AR quizzes for points at the end. The app even tracks the amount of time a student is reading. The possibilities are endless with this app, and most importantly, it gives kids another way to fall in love with reading.

So, as a parent, if you find yourself trying to scrape up another way to show your kids how much fun it is to read, check out this app. As you can see, it is already a hit with my students!

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