Friday, March 13, 2015

What is fluency?

What is fluency?
No shouting unless there is an exclamation point.  It is read all together or by ourselves.  You read slowly and smoothly. It’s like driving on a road with no potholes!   You can’t read crazy because it doesn’t make sense.  You sound like mean it.  You want to sound like you are talking nice and steady.  Stop at punctuation.
Why is fluency important?
When you read real and smooth everyone understands what you read.  It helps you remember what you read.  It makes it hard to concentrate.  If you read too fast it doesn’t make sense and it bothers others. 
 What are we doing to improve our fluency?
We read stories together.  We read songs and poems together.  We read out loud.  We copy Miss Pelc’s voices and rhythm when she reads.
by  1st and 2nd grade readers Ariaha, Shaliah, Dominic, Abbey, Anaya and  Scarletta

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