Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ancient Civilization Presentations

So far in social studies, we have been learning in groups of four about ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, India, Egypt, and China. We learned about the Civics of the ancient civilizations. Civics includes government, social structure, religion, and writing/language.
We not only learned about the civics, but also how it impacted the civilization we studied. In the beginning of this project, Mrs. Trabilsy gave all of the groups an essential question that had to be answered by the end of the researching period. The essential question was, “Did the civic and political institution of Ancient Rome help or hurt the civilization?” The group that used posters did not have to put the essential question on a poster because there is only a limited amount of space on a poster.
The civilization my group was responsible for was Ancient Rome. At the end of our researching period, we had to present it to our class in the way that we would like. Some people presented it with posters, other people presented it on a Google docs slideshow. After the presentation, we answered questions that some of the students came up with.. Some of the questions were: “What did this word mean?”, ” Were women allowed to rule?”, ” What were the laws?”, and ”Who was in charge?”.
           My group made a Google Docs slideshow. I liked this project because we got to learn different things about other civilizations that were here before us, and what they did.

By Morgan

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