Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Speech Stars Share Speech Stories!!

     I come to speech to sound better.  I practice my /ch/, /sh/ and using the sounds at the end of the words.  I also practice putting the right words, in the right order in sentences.  We practice saying sounds by playing games and doing ‘warm up drills’.  Warm-up drills are very funny tongue twisters. Some of my favorite games are “Go Fish”, “Memory”, “Outburst” and “Jeopardy”.  We practice word order my playing “Language Trivia”.  Sometimes it can be hard but it is fun.


     I come to speech to practice listening to directions.  It can be hard sometimes.  Miss Costigan likes to fool us.  Sometimes we play a listening game.   We stand behind our chairs and listen to the directions.  They can be tricky.  If you get one wrong you have to sit down. Today we did “if a giraffe has a long trunk, clap your hands.”   ‘If a car has a trunk put your hands on your head.”  Everybody laughed because they thought of an elephant’s trunk.  Some of us had to sit down.  We then remembered about different kinds of trunks.  A tree trunk, an elephant’s trunk, a storage trunk and a car trunk are all different kinds of trunks.  Can you guess what ‘a year’, ‘a bad skier’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ have in common? I could!  Miss Costigan was very impressed!  I love to play these games and practice /ch/ and /sh/ sounds, too.   I am smart when I come to speech.  I love speech!


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