Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Buddies Forever

It’s Wednesday! Guess what that means... Kindergarten buddies! Once a week for 40 minutes the sixth graders of Goodrich Elementary School do fun and entertaining activities with the youngest kids of the school, the kindergartners. For buddies there is an a.m. class and two p.m. classes.   

The most recent activity that we did was the hundredth day of school project! The kindergartners cut out pieces of paper that were in the shape of a foot that said “Starting point” and “Ending point”. Then we took one hundred steps around the school, and marked where we first started and ended. The kindergartners had a great time trying to count to one hundred and walking around the school! The kindergartners got to pick anywhere in the school to start. After we finished with regular steps we walked heel to toe and saw how far we got then. Finally, we finished and walked back to the kindergarten classrooms to read books with our buddies.

Another exciting activity that we did with our buddies, was make snowflakes. There were different shapes on the kindergarten table including, rhombuses, triangles, squares, trapezoids, and hexagons. The kindergartners picked out any shapes that they wanted and glued them down to a light blue piece of paper. But the catch was, they had to be symmetrical. The snowflakes could be any size that they wanted but it had to fit on the piece of paper that they were using.

We enjoy spending time with our kindergarten buddies. They have been a big part of our sixth grade year and we hope they will always remember us. We also hope that the fifth graders next year will take good care of our buddies because first graders and fifth graders get to be buddies!

Emily and Sona

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