Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Round One...Done!!

I am so excited to announce that our first round of Genius Hour ended just before Winter Break. Back in October I posted that the 6th graders had just embarked on a new journey this year.  That journey was Genius Hour. This was an hour a week when students would explore their own passions without the worry of a grade. Below is the link to this post.

There were just three things that were required of the students.  They had to come up with a driving question, research their question, and complete their project on video which would be posted to their blog to share globally.  Below is the link to this post.

Genius hour is about developing many different skills.  These include communication skills, problem solving skills, research skills, time management skills, and social skills.  These are all 21st century skills that they will need as they head off to higher levels of education and into the "real world".

After finishing their projects students were given the chance to reflect on their first round of Genius Hour.  It is important that they evaluate their work, think about any obstacles they ran into, and decide what they might want to do differently during the next round, beginning in the next few weeks.

I was so pleased with how the students handled themselves during this first round of Genius Hour.  They worked hard to explore their passions, but most of all they were engaged, learned a lot, and had fun.  Below are a few of our students giving their thoughts about this first round of Genius Hour.

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