Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

We literally  rocked in the new year in first grade!  Armed only with rocks (thank you Dollar Store ), permanent markers and well rested brains, we got to work thinking and brainstorming what are goals and expectations would be for the coming year.

Coming off the heels of a school wide Skill Blitz, where the children were reminded and actually practiced  the rules and and expectations of the key areas in the schoo:hallway, lunchroom, bathroom and arrival/dismissal, we were ready to take on the challenge of coming up with our own personal expectations for 2015.

Firs,t as a class we discussed what are some things that we would want to be as a realistic goal.  Then the children went around their table coming up with a word or two that we could add to a class list.  We then shared out some great words like friendship, kindess, share, nice, smile, and quiet  The children picked out their rock and wrote the word on it that they wanted to have as a goal.  The rock would be a daily reminder for them as to what they want to aspire to this year.

Once everyone had their word rock, we mixed up and shared our words with our classmates. The children will keep their rocks on their desk or in their supply box.  We may have to rub them at the start of each day to set the tone for the day.  We just want to make sure we Rock out the start of the new year!

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