Friday, January 30, 2015

Discovering Talents through Writing

Information Writing

Writing is a lot of hard work! I know for some people writing is difficult, but for others it comes natural. I think everyone has a gift for writing. All you have to do is express yourself in your words.

In Mrs.Larson’s class, we are doing an exciting project in writing! We have been studying information writing. We have been working on this all of 2nd quarter.  We have learned how to do research, write an introduction and conclusion, and include our own ideas.  We also learned the importance of including pictures and graphs to make our writing stronger.  We are publishing our writing using the iPad app, Book Creator, with the help of Mrs. Counihan. 

I think everyone in 5th grade has learned a lot, and we are really enjoying the information writing project. Each student got to pick the topic that they would write about.  There are such unique topics students have chosen to write about, for example Egyptians, gymnastics, holidays, and dogs. I’m doing a Golden Retriever information writing, because I love dogs, and I have a Golden Retriever puppy at home. His name is, Fergus.

      I thought the information writing really helped people notice that books and writing projects are not all about fiction writing, there are also facts to learn. Information writing really helped me, because when I grow up, I want to be an author!  

I really think that writing is hard- work. You need an imagination, and you need patience and concentration.  That’s the hard part to people, just try not to give up. Stay with it. In the end, you can look over your writing and think, I did this and feel that accomplishment inside of you!

By: Georgia

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