Friday, December 19, 2014

Why Art Matters
First through sixth grade students were invited to participate with a personal photo-op and thoughts about their recent artwork in this month’s Art Blog. They were asked to think about the question, “What makes art class so important or special to you?”

Javier: “fun time to spend with friends and get messy. You can do extra projects and show your artwork to other people.”
Tzarria: “I like to mix the colors because it expresses my feelings and the written part shares what I do in my free time like dance, cheer and gymnastics.
“You are able to imagine and create things that don’t seem like they are real.” Logan
“Art is my favorite thing because you can put different colors together.”  Alyssa

“I feel happy in art class because there are always new things to learn”  Siri

“I like art class because you could paint lots and lots of beautiful pictures.”  Kendall
“Sometimes when I draw new things, it inspires me to try to make a painted version.”  Noah
“Art is fun.  You get to make lots of stuff.”       Dominic

I love to draw and color-Jillian


“Blue Hands”
Ugne and Palwasha
I have blue hands, yes, this is true.
How did it happen? I will tell you.
We were painting in art class, we chose the color blue.
It rubbed on our hands and we went “ooooooh”.
So that is our story of how our hands got blue.  I hope you enjoyed it.  It’s nice meeting you.

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