Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Passion Driven Students

Gardening...yes, gardening...this is my passion!  I can never get enough of it during our short summer months here in Illinois.  I love everything about it, from planting, to deadheading, to weeding (minus the horrendous mosquitoes we have had the past few years).

Why am I talking about passions?  This year the 6th graders are about to embark on a new adventure...exploring their own passions.  This is a concept inspired by Google's 20% time initiative, which allows employees to dedicate 20% of working hours to their own ideas. The concept, now catching on in schools, is called Genius Hour. This video gives an excellent explanation of Genius Hour.

Students find their own passion with the idea of creating student-led passion projects.  The hope is that it will promote student-driven learning, making sure that young people learn to think for themselves. Students will spend their time creating questions, researching, forming conclusions, creating and sharing their passion.
We began this adventure with discovering what a passion really is.

Afterwards, we chose our passions and blogged about them on our website.
Feel free to check out our student blogs here and make a comment or two. trabilsyd.weebly.com 

We are now beginning to explore our passions through questioning and researching.  Check out our blogs in about 8 - 12 weeks to see our end results.  

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