Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mrs. Morris' 2nd grade - Classroom in the Cloud

My second grade students are becoming very tech savvy with our new Chromebooks. This is the first year Chromebooks have been made available to the younger grades.  Previously, they were used in third grade and up.  I am amazed at how fast my students have caught on to using this technology. The Chromebooks have literally brought the power of the internet right into our classroom.  Projects we’re working on are all stored in the ‘cloud’, which means students are able to access their projects from any device that has internet access. No longer is there a need to store projects on a hard drive or carry around a portable drive.

Since the start of the school year we have been working on the following:

  • Keyboarding skills using an App called 'Typing Club' 
  • WIXIE which brought out students’ creativity in writing and illustrating  Idioms
  •  IXL Math - so far we’ve completed 5,000 problems
  • Math Facts in a Flash
  • Internet research – comparison between frogs and toads
  • Google Docs - expository essay about measurement
  • Google Drawing - life cycle of a frog
  • Google Classroom – which allows me to create and collect assignments electronically without students having to turn in papers

Technology is something I'm very enthusiastic about.  My first career was in Information Technology.  I've always been passionate about computers and the latest in technology. This past summer I took courses in Google Docs and Common Core &Technology so that I could be prepared to embed technology throughout the curriculum.

Our district has invested a great deal of money and resources in bringing technology into the classroom. This step is essential in helping our students become College and Career ready!

To find out what a Chromebook actually is, click on the link below:

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