Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Miss Pelc Reading Specialist

Reading makes a memory

Just recently a friend on Facebook asked me to name the top 10 books that changed my life.  Immediately, I started thinking of the books that I have read to my students and the impression that the books left on them.   Years later, kids have come back to visit me and quite often they have mentioned some of the books that I shared with them when they were in my class.   Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Mouse and the Motorcycle,  and The Chocolate Touch to name a few were books that made an impression on some of the kids that came to visit.   They would tell me how they would remember us reading it as a class and we would take a walk down memory lane and talk about their favorite book.  Reading aloud to children makes a lifelong impression and a wonderful memory for that child.  When I was a child my Mom was always reading a book.  I wanted to know why she was always reading and why.  It sparked my interest in reading and helped me become a reader since I was so determined.  Parents have a huge influence on their children.  Parents can help their child to be a reader by reading with them and to them no matter their age.  Look at it mathematically: 

Which reader do you want your child to be?

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